i think i am getting older, because i honestly can’t be bothered anymore with finding the latest bag and keeping up with all the hundreds of ‘it-bags’ out there. i don’t like the hype around all the bags. it happened to me several times that i bought one of those bags just to discover that dozens of hollywoold starlets are sporting the exact same one (and i don’t think those starlets are a good style inspiration…). On top of the hundreds of same bags hanging on fashionable wrists, there’s the ‘so-last-season’ aspects to it bags, a girl who knows her handbags knows exactly when she’s seeing a last season’s prada!

so i stopped being at war with bags (the battle with my weight is sufficient) and went out and bought a classic 2.55. i know that a lot of celebs are sporting the same one at the moment, but it is so sleek and goes with everything and (hopefully) won’t come out of fashion in my lifetime! and after i did some maths and calculated the cost per wear, i discovered that it would be among the cheapest things i ever bought!


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