the urge to shop…

i am sure i am not alone with it… the need of having to own something new! if i see the perfect shoes (well, at least trick myself into seeing the perfect pair and make myself believe, that when i will own this pair, i will never ever have to buy another pair. this is about the same as looking for the perfect 10cm high heels which will allow me to walk a marathon in them…). this state of ‘shopping-trance’ can ruin a whole day, if not weeks, for me and will only go away, if i actually purchase the loved item. but does it make me happier? not at all. the worst condition is if i devote more than one piece at once… i end up writing long pro and contra lists just to come to the conclusion that i won’t be able to live on if  don’t own everything.

in order to overcome this urge, i will try to go without shopping for 12 weeks! starting in a week from now (i have to be able to buy everything i could want in those 3 months before they start, right?). this non-shopping-quest applies to all luxury goods (clothes, shoes, cosmetics).


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