Excuses to shop!

I was watching tv tonight and there it was -whamm-, I was enlightened! A philosopher had an explanation why I shop! 

Buying or getting new things makes u happy, yet possessing them makes u unhappy… so i figured: since I already possess so many shoes, jeans… (without knowing how miserable they were gonna make me feel) I unknowingly dug my own grave of unhappiness. Now, how can I get out of this misery!

Tadaa, I found an answer. The only logic and possible one, really. I have to buy even more. I have to shop so much that the happiness of buying outweighs the happiness of the things I possess. Basic maths! 

(I will neglect the other possibiltiy of giving my clothes away, because I would make other people unhappy and this would make me even more unhappy which would lead me to shopping… and so on!)


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